Suits & Tuxedos

It's important that the groom and his attendants look their best for the big day. We offer designer looks from Michael Kors, Calvin Klein, and others. Dressing your guys will be convenient and easy! Endless color combinations are available with matching ties and vests to create a coordinated look.

Out of town groomsmen are no problem! With our network of nationwide dealers, there are more locations than any other supplier so there is sure to be a convenient location for your guys to get measured.

Simply fill out the form, call in your measurements, then we'll have your tuxedo waiting for you when you arrive in town. If something doesn't fit properly, we handle most alterations in-house; however, if a completely different size is required, our local warehouse allows us to have quick access to any replacements that may be needed.


How does it work?

You can come into our store in person to pick out what style you want everyone to be in, or you can look online to pick out styles. If you're needing to match colors it's definitely preferred that you come in person!

It's not necessary that you have all your guys with you at one time. You can simply make decisions about what each will wear, and then they can come in at their convenience to be measured. Some guys may find it easier to get measured elsewhere and then call their measurements in to us.

We'll get the tuxedos in and ready for try on Wednesday or Thursday before the wedding. Each person needs to come in and be fitted in person. If that's not possible, someone else can pick their tux up and they can try it on at home - then if any adjustments are needed, they can call us the next morning to let us know what changes will be needed.

Tuxedos must be paid in full before taking. They must be returned the Monday after the event. One person from the group could be designated to return them all together.

How long is the rental period?

Generally, you can have them for a long weekend. Pick-up will be on the Thursday before your wedding or event. They must be returned on Monday. (We're open until 8:00pm.)

If you will be traveling and need to have your tux for an extended time, just ask us and we can give you a quote for that.

What if all my guys are out of town?

Out of town groomsmen are no problem! With our network of nationwide dealers, there are many locations for your guys to get measured. Once they get their measurements taken and complete their measurement form, simply forward those to us and we'll have their tuxedo ready for them once they get in town.

What if something doesn't fit?

We handle most alterations in-house; however if a completely different size is required, our local warehouse allows us to have quick access to any replacements that may be needed.

In order to have adequate time for adjustments or replacements, we require tuxedos or suits to be tried on by Thursday evening. Pick-up for these would be on Friday. Call us if you have a situation that wouldn't fall within those parameters. (770) 591-5424

How soon do we have to order?

For a wedding, we like to have all members of the wedding party to have their measurements to us at least a month or two before. (Sometimes there are situations that require us to take measurements closer to the date - such as weight loss, or for a child whose size is changing.)